Drain Doctor offer a full drain repair service.

Drain repairs are often missed and can cause secondary problems. Damaged drains can attract rodents, can smell or worse still, leak into the foundations causing potential problems with the fabric of the building. Repairs to below ground drainage is a specialist job. Our trained technicians can repair or replace all damaged drains.

We are also experts in removing roots from drains and can refurbish drains using a no-dig solution. Our cured in place drain and sewer repair system lines a drain and makes it as good as new.

Our no-dig solutions remove the need for costly excavation. Imagine having to dig up your newly laid driveway or beautiful landscaped garden.

Drain Doctor can offer a repair solution that often does not need a shovel. We can even remove lost drain rods.

If you are told your drains need repair, join the growing band of domestic and commercial customers who are turning to Drain Doctor for all their drain repairs.